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Name Nation Birthday Official URL
Robert Kubica Poland 1984-12-07


Starts Pass Don't Qualify Don't Start Disqualify
Prequalify 0race(s)[---] 0race(s)[---] 0race(s)[---] 0race(s)[---] 0race(s)[---]
Qualify 76race(s)[102th] 76race(s)[ 97th] 0race(s)[---] 0race(s)[---] 0race(s)[---]
Final 76race(s)[ 96th]

0race(s)[---] 1race(s)[ 26th]

Champion / Best
Champion Counts 0[---]
Ratio 0.0%[---]
Best Qualify 1st
Final 1st

Win Counts 1race(s)[ 76th]
Ratio 1.3%[ 97th]
Pole Position Counts 1race(s)[ 69th]
Ratio 1.3%[ 84th]
Fastest Lap Counts 1race(s)[ 83th]
Ratio 1.3%[115th]
Pole to Win Counts 0race(s)[---]
Ratio 0.0%[---]
Grandlslam Counts 0race(s)[---]
Ratio 0.0%[---]

Podium / Prize
Podium Counts 12race(s)[ 68th]
Ratio 15.8%[ 94th]
(ex. Win)
Counts 11race(s)[ 61th]
Ratio 14.5%[ 77th]
Prize Counts 46race(s)[ 48th]
Ratio 60.5%[ 25th]
(ex. Podium)
Counts 34race(s)[ 28th]
Ratio 44.7%[ 18th]

Finish Ratio 84.2%[108th]
Points 273pts.[ 36th]
Laps 4,203laps[ 81th]
Leader Laps 74laps[ 81th]

Age Race Grandprix
First Entry 21years241days[ 41th]
2006 Round13 Hungary
First Final 21years242days[ 40th] 1st race[ 1st] 2006 Round13 Hungary
First Finish 21years263days[ 38th] 2nd race[328th] 2006 Round14 Turkey
First Prize 21years277days[ 24th] 3rd race[125th] 2006 Round15 Italy
First Podium 21years277days[ 7th] 3rd race[ 42th] 2006 Round15 Italy
First Win 23years184days[ 8th] 29th race[ 65th] 2008 Round7 Canada
First PP 23years120days[ 7th] 25th race[ 51th] 2008 Round3 Bahrain
First FL 25years188days[ 29th] 65th race[117th] 2010 Round8 Canada
Last Entry 25years342days[704th]
2010 Round19 Abu Dhabi
Last Final 25years342days[652th]
2010 Round19 Abu Dhabi
Last Finish 25years342days[539th]
2010 Round19 Abu Dhabi
Last Prize 25years342days[300th]
2010 Round19 Abu Dhabi
Last Podium 25years265days[197th]
2010 Round13 Belgium
Last Win 23years184days[105th]
2008 Round7 Canada
Last PP 23years120days[ 96th]
2008 Round3 Bahrain
Last FL 25years188days[124th]
2010 Round8 Canada


2000 2006 2007 2008 2009
2010 2010

Year - 2006

Finish Ratio
Qualify Best
Final Best
R Date Grandprix Circuit Team Chassis Engine Grid
Final Fastest
1 2006-03-12 Bahrain Bahrain International
2 2006-03-19 Malaysia Sepang
3 2006-04-02 Australia Albert Park
4 2006-04-23 San Marino Imola
5 2006-05-07 Europe Nurburgring
6 2006-05-14 Spain Catalunya
7 2006-05-28 Monaco Monte Carlo
8 2006-06-11 Great Britain Silverstone
9 2006-06-25 Canada Montreal
10 2006-07-02 United States Indianapolis
11 2006-07-16 France Magny-Cours
12 2006-07-30 Germany Hockenheim
13 2006-08-06 Hungary Hungaroring BMW SAUBER F1.06 BMW V8 9th( 10th) dq
14 2006-08-27 Turkey Istanbul Speed Park BMW SAUBER F1.06 BMW V8 8th( 9th) 12th
15 2006-09-10 Italy Monza BMW SAUBER F1.06 BMW V8 6th 3rd
16 2006-10-01 China Shanghai BMW SAUBER F1.06 BMW V8 9th 13th
17 2006-10-08 Japan Suzuka BMW SAUBER F1.06 BMW V8 12th 9th
18 2006-10-22 Brazil Interlagos BMW SAUBER F1.06 BMW V8 9th 9th

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Year - 2007

Finish Ratio
Qualify Best
Final Best
R Date Grandprix Circuit Team Chassis Engine Grid
Final Fastest
1 2007-03-18 Australia Albert Park BMW BMW F1.07 BMW V8 5th r
2 2007-04-08 Malaysia Sepang BMW BMW F1.07 BMW V8 7th 18th
3 2007-04-15 Bahrain Bahrain International BMW BMW F1.07 BMW V8 6th 6th
4 2007-05-13 Spain Catalunya BMW BMW F1.07 BMW V8 5th 4th
5 2007-05-27 Monaco Monte Carlo BMW BMW F1.07 BMW V8 8th 5th
6 2007-06-10 Canada Montreal BMW BMW F1.07 BMW V8 8th r
7 2007-06-17 United States Indianapolis
8 2007-07-01 France Magny-Cours BMW BMW F1.07 BMW V8 4th 4th
9 2007-07-08 Great Britain Silverstone BMW BMW F1.07 BMW V8 5th 4th
10 2007-07-22 Europe Nurburgring BMW BMW F1.07 BMW V8 5th 7th
11 2007-08-05 Hungary Hungaroring BMW BMW F1.07 BMW V8 7th 5th
12 2007-08-26 Turkey Istanbul Speed Park BMW BMW F1.07 BMW V8 5th 8th
13 2007-09-09 Italy Monza BMW BMW F1.07 BMW V8 6th 5th
14 2007-09-16 Belgium Spa-Francorchamps BMW BMW F1.07 BMW V8 14th( 5th) 9th
15 2007-09-30 Japan Fuji Speed Way BMW BMW F1.07 BMW V8 9th( 10th) 7th
16 2007-10-07 China Shanghai BMW BMW F1.07 BMW V8 9th r
17 2007-10-21 Brazil Interlagos BMW BMW F1.07 BMW V8 7th 5th

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Year - 2008

Finish Ratio
Qualify Best
Final Best
R Date Grandprix Circuit Team Chassis Engine Grid
Final Fastest
1 2008-03-16 Australia Albert Park BMW BMW F1.08 BMW V8 2nd r
2 2008-03-23 Malaysia Sepang BMW BMW F1.08 BMW V8 4th( 6th) 2nd
3 2008-04-06 Bahrain Bahrain International BMW BMW F1.08 BMW V8 1st 3rd
4 2008-04-27 Spain Catalunya BMW BMW F1.08 BMW V8 4th 4th
5 2008-05-11 Turkey Istanbul Speed Park BMW BMW F1.08 BMW V8 5th 4th
6 2008-05-25 Monaco Monte Carlo BMW BMW F1.08 BMW V8 5th 2nd
7 2008-06-08 Canada Montreal BMW BMW F1.08 BMW V8 2nd 1st
8 2008-06-22 France Magny-Cours BMW BMW F1.08 BMW V8 5th( 7th) 5th
9 2008-07-06 Great Britain Silverstone BMW BMW F1.08 BMW V8 10th r
10 2008-07-20 Germany Hockenheim BMW BMW F1.08 BMW V8 7th 7th
11 2008-08-03 Hungary Hungaroring BMW BMW F1.08 BMW V8 4th 8th
12 2008-08-24 Europe Valencia BMW BMW F1.08 BMW V8 3rd 3rd
13 2008-09-07 Belgium Spa-Francorchamps BMW BMW F1.08 BMW V8 8th 6th
14 2008-09-14 Italy Monza BMW BMW F1.08 BMW V8 11th 3rd
15 2008-09-28 Singapore Marina Bay Street BMW BMW F1.08 BMW V8 4th 11th
16 2008-10-12 Japan Fuji Speed Way BMW BMW F1.08 BMW V8 6th 2nd
17 2008-10-19 China Shanghai BMW BMW F1.08 BMW V8 11th( 12th) 6th
18 2008-11-02 Brazil Interlagos BMW BMW F1.08 BMW V8 13th 11th

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Year - 2009

Finish Ratio
Qualify Best
Final Best
R Date Grandprix Circuit Team Chassis Engine Grid
Final Fastest
1 2009-03-29 Australia Albert Park BMW BMW F1.09 BMW V8 4th 14th
2 2009-04-05 Malaysia Sepang BMW BMW F1.09 BMW V8 6th( 8th) r
3 2009-04-19 China Shanghai BMW BMW F1.09 BMW V8 17th( 18th) 13th
4 2009-04-26 Bahrain Bahrain International BMW BMW F1.09 BMW V8 13th 18th
5 2009-05-10 Spain Catalunya BMW BMW F1.09 BMW V8 10th 11th
6 2009-05-24 Monaco Monte Carlo BMW BMW F1.09 BMW V8 17th( 18th) r
7 2009-06-07 Turkey Istanbul Speed Park BMW BMW F1.09 BMW V8 10th 7th
8 2009-06-21 Great Britain Silverstone BMW BMW F1.09 BMW V8 12th 13th
9 2009-07-12 Germany Nurburgring BMW BMW F1.09 BMW V8 16th 14th
10 2009-07-26 Hungary Hungaroring BMW BMW F1.09 BMW V8 18th( 19th) 13th
11 2009-08-23 Europe Valencia BMW BMW F1.09 BMW V8 10th 8th
12 2009-08-30 Belgium Spa-Francorchamps BMW BMW F1.09 BMW V8 5th 4th
13 2009-09-13 Italy Monza BMW BMW F1.09 BMW V8 13th r
14 2009-09-27 Singapore Marina Bay Street BMW BMW F1.09 BMW V8 7th( 9th) 8th
15 2009-10-04 Japan Suzuka BMW BMW F1.09 BMW V8 9th( 13th) 9th
16 2009-10-18 Brazil Interlagos BMW BMW F1.09 BMW V8 8th 2nd
17 2009-11-01 Abu Dhabi Yas Marina BMW BMW F1.09 BMW V8 7th 10th

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Year - 2010

Finish Ratio
Qualify Best
Final Best
R Date Grandprix Circuit Team Chassis Engine Grid
Final Fastest
1 2010-03-14 Bahrain Bahrain International Renault RENAULT R30 RENAULT V8 9th 11th
2 2010-03-28 Australia Albert Park Renault RENAULT R30 RENAULT V8 9th 2nd
3 2010-04-04 Malaysia Sepang Renault RENAULT R30 RENAULT V8 6th 4th
4 2010-04-18 China Shanghai Renault RENAULT R30 RENAULT V8 8th 5th
5 2010-05-09 Spain Catalunya Renault RENAULT R30 RENAULT V8 7th 8th
6 2010-05-16 Monaco Monte Carlo Renault RENAULT R30 RENAULT V8 2nd 3rd
7 2010-05-30 Turkey Istanbul Speed Park Renault RENAULT R30 RENAULT V8 7th 6th
8 2010-06-13 Canada Montreal Renault RENAULT R30 RENAULT V8 8th 7th *
9 2010-06-27 Europe Valencia Renault RENAULT R30 RENAULT V8 6th 5th
10 2010-07-11 Great Britain Silverstone Renault RENAULT R30 RENAULT V8 6th r
11 2010-07-25 Germany Hockenheim Renault RENAULT R30 RENAULT V8 7th 7th
12 2010-08-01 Hungary Hungaroring Renault RENAULT R30 RENAULT V8 8th r
13 2010-08-29 Belgium Spa-Francorchamps Renault RENAULT R30 RENAULT V8 3rd 3rd
14 2010-09-12 Italy Monza Renault RENAULT R30 RENAULT V8 9th 8th
15 2010-09-26 Singapore Marina Bay Street Renault RENAULT R30 RENAULT V8 8th 7th
16 2010-10-10 Japan Suzuka Renault RENAULT R30 RENAULT V8 3rd( 4th) r
17 2010-10-24 Korea Korea International Renault RENAULT R30 RENAULT V8 8th 5th
18 2010-11-07 Brazil Interlagos Renault RENAULT R30 RENAULT V8 7th 9th
19 2010-11-14 Abu Dhabi Yas Marina Renault RENAULT R30 RENAULT V8 11th 5th

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