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Name Nation Birthday Kinship
Teo Fabi Italy 1955-03-09 younger brother>>C.Fabi


Starts Pass Don't Qualify Don't Start Disqualify
Prequalify 1race(s)[ 56th] 0race(s)[---] 1race(s)[ 42th] 0race(s)[---] 0race(s)[---]
Qualify 70race(s)[115th] 64race(s)[119th] 6race(s)[ 41th] 0race(s)[---] 0race(s)[---]
Final 64race(s)[117th]

0race(s)[---] 0race(s)[---]

Champion / Best
Champion Counts 0[---]
Ratio 0.0%[---]
Best Qualify 1st
Final 3rd

Win Counts 0race(s)[---]
Ratio 0.0%[---]
Pole Position Counts 3race(s)[ 56th]
Ratio 4.3%[ 60th]
Fastest Lap Counts 2race(s)[ 76th]
Ratio 3.1%[ 89th]
Pole to Win Counts 0race(s)[---]
Ratio 0.0%[---]
Grandlslam Counts 0race(s)[---]
Ratio 0.0%[---]

Podium / Prize
Podium Counts 2race(s)[120th]
Ratio 3.1%[182th]
(ex. Win)
Counts 2race(s)[118th]
Ratio 3.1%[169th]
Prize Counts 9race(s)[136th]
Ratio 14.1%[251th]
(ex. Podium)
Counts 7race(s)[132th]
Ratio 10.9%[237th]

Finish Ratio 28.1%[611th]
Points 23pts.[141th]
Laps 2,192laps[154th]
Leader Laps 0laps[---]

Age Race Grandprix
First Entry 26years319days[315th]
1982 Round1 South Africa
First Final 27years47days[307th] 4th race[750th] 1982 Round4 San Marino
First Finish 29years72days[370th] 18th race[640th] 1984 Round5 France
First Prize 29years107days[216th] 19th race[322th] 1984 Round8 United States East
First Podium 29years107days[123th] 19th race[153th] 1984 Round8 United States East
First Win ---[---] ---[---] ---
First PP 30years148days[ 72th] 25th race[ 54th] 1985 Round9 Germany
First FL 31years182days[100th] 51th race[116th] 1986 Round13 Italy
Last Entry 32years250days[410th]
1987 Round16 Australia
Last Final 32years250days[391th]
1987 Round16 Australia
Last Finish 32years223days[311th]
1987 Round14 Mexico
Last Prize 32years223days[173th]
1987 Round14 Mexico
Last Podium 32years159days[108th]
1987 Round10 Austria
Last Win ---[---]
Last PP 31years182days[ 61th]
1986 Round13 Italy
Last FL 32years55days[ 71th]
1987 Round2 San Marino


1980 1982 1984 1985 1986 1987

Year - 1982

Finish Ratio
Qualify Best
Final Best
R Date Grandprix Circuit Team Chassis Engine PreQualify Grid
Final Fastest
1 1982-01-23 South Africa Kyalami Toleman TOLEMAN TG181B HART 4t nq
2 1982-03-21 Brazil Rio de Janeiro Toleman TOLEMAN TG181B HART 4t nq
3 1982-04-04 United States West Long Beach Toleman TOLEMAN TG181C HART 4t nq
4 1982-04-25 San Marino Imola Toleman TOLEMAN TG181C HART 4t 10th nc
5 1982-05-09 Belgium Zolder Toleman TOLEMAN TG181C HART 4t 21th( 23th) r
6 1982-05-23 Monaco Monte Carlo Toleman TOLEMAN TG181C HART 4t nq
7 1982-06-06 United States East Detroit
8 1982-06-13 Canada Montreal
9 1982-07-03 Netherlands Zandvoort Toleman TOLEMAN TG181C HART 4t nq
10 1982-07-18 Great Britain Brands Hatch Toleman TOLEMAN TG181C HART 4t 15th r
11 1982-07-25 France Paul Ricard Toleman TOLEMAN TG181C HART 4t 21th r
12 1982-08-08 Germany Hockenheim Toleman TOLEMAN TG181C HART 4t nq
13 1982-08-15 Austria Osterreichring Toleman TOLEMAN TG181C HART 4t 17th r
14 1982-08-29 Swiss Dijon-Prenois Toleman TOLEMAN TG181C HART 4t 23th r
15 1982-09-12 Italy Monza Toleman TOLEMAN TG181C HART 4t 22th r
16 1982-09-25 United States Las Vegas Toleman TOLEMAN TG181C HART 4t nq

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Year - 1984

Finish Ratio
Qualify Best
Final Best
R Date Grandprix Circuit Team Chassis Engine Grid
Final Fastest
1 1984-03-25 Brazil Rio de Janeiro Brabham BRABHAM BT53 BMW 4t 15th r
2 1984-04-07 South Africa Kyalami Brabham BRABHAM BT53 BMW 4t 6th r
3 1984-04-29 Belgium Zolder Brabham BRABHAM BT53 BMW 4t 18th r
4 1984-05-06 San Marino Imola Brabham BRABHAM BT53 BMW 4t 9th r
5 1984-05-20 France Dijon-Prenois Brabham BRABHAM BT53 BMW 4t 17th( 18th) 9th
6 1984-06-03 Monaco Monte Carlo
7 1984-06-17 Canada Montreal
8 1984-06-24 United States East Detroit Brabham BRABHAM BT53 BMW 4t 23th 3rd
9 1984-07-08 United States Dallas
10 1984-07-22 Great Britain Brands Hatch Brabham BRABHAM BT53 BMW 4t 14th r
11 1984-08-05 Germany Hockenheim Brabham BRABHAM BT53 BMW 4t 8th r
12 1984-08-19 Austria Osterreichring Brabham BRABHAM BT53 BMW 4t 7th 4th
13 1984-08-26 Netherlands Zandvoort Brabham BRABHAM BT53 BMW 4t 10th 5th
14 1984-09-09 Italy Monza Brabham BRABHAM BT53 BMW 4t 5th r
15 1984-10-07 Europe Nurburgring Brabham BRABHAM BT53 BMW 4t 10th r
16 1984-10-21 Portugal Estoril

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Year - 1985

Finish Ratio
Qualify Best
Final Best
R Date Grandprix Circuit Team Chassis Engine Grid
Final Fastest
1 1985-04-07 Brazil Rio de Janeiro
2 1985-04-21 Portugal Estoril
3 1985-05-05 San Marino Imola
4 1985-05-19 Monaco Monte Carlo Toleman TOLEMAN TG185 HART 4t 20th r
5 1985-06-16 Canada Montreal Toleman TOLEMAN TG185 HART 4t 18th r
6 1985-06-23 United States East Detroit Toleman TOLEMAN TG185 HART 4t 13th r
7 1985-07-07 France Paul Ricard Toleman TOLEMAN TG185 HART 4t 18th( 19th) 14th
8 1985-07-21 Great Britain Silverstone Toleman TOLEMAN TG185 HART 4t 9th r
9 1985-08-04 Germany Nurburgring Toleman TOLEMAN TG185 HART 4t 1st r
10 1985-08-18 Austria Osterreichring Toleman TOLEMAN TG185 HART 4t 6th r
11 1985-08-25 Netherlands Zandvoort Toleman TOLEMAN TG185 HART 4t 5th r
12 1985-09-08 Italy Monza Toleman TOLEMAN TG185 HART 4t 15th 12th
13 1985-09-15 Belgium Spa-Francorchamps Toleman TOLEMAN TG185 HART 4t 11th r
14 1985-10-06 Europe Brands Hatch Toleman TOLEMAN TG185 HART 4t 20th r
15 1985-10-19 South Africa Kyalami Toleman TOLEMAN TG185 HART 4t 7th r
16 1985-11-03 Australia Adelaide Toleman TOLEMAN TG185 HART 4t 24th r

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Year - 1986

Finish Ratio
Qualify Best
Final Best
R Date Grandprix Circuit Team Chassis Engine Grid
Final Fastest
1 1986-03-23 Brazil Rio de Janeiro Benetton BENETTON B186 BMW 4t 12th 10th
2 1986-04-13 Spain Jerez Benetton BENETTON B186 BMW 4t 9th 5th
3 1986-04-27 San Marino Imola Benetton BENETTON B186 BMW 4t 10th r
4 1986-05-11 Monaco Monte Carlo Benetton BENETTON B186 BMW 4t 16th r
5 1986-05-25 Belgium Spa-Francorchamps Benetton BENETTON B186 BMW 4t 6th 7th
6 1986-06-15 Canada Montreal Benetton BENETTON B186 BMW 4t 15th r
7 1986-06-22 United States East Detroit Benetton BENETTON B186 BMW 4t 17th r
8 1986-07-06 France Paul Ricard Benetton BENETTON B186 BMW 4t 9th r
9 1986-07-13 Great Britain Brands Hatch Benetton BENETTON B186 BMW 4t 7th r
10 1986-07-27 Germany Hockenheim Benetton BENETTON B186 BMW 4t 9th r
11 1986-08-10 Hungary Hungaroring Benetton BENETTON B186 BMW 4t 13th r
12 1986-08-17 Austria Osterreichring Benetton BENETTON B186 BMW 4t 1st r
13 1986-09-07 Italy Monza Benetton BENETTON B186 BMW 4t 1st r *
14 1986-09-21 Portugal Estoril Benetton BENETTON B186 BMW 4t 5th 8th
15 1986-10-12 Mexico Mexico City Benetton BENETTON B186 BMW 4t 9th r
16 1986-10-26 Australia Adelaide Benetton BENETTON B186 BMW 4t 13th 10th

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Year - 1987

Finish Ratio
Qualify Best
Final Best
R Date Grandprix Circuit Team Chassis Engine Grid
Final Fastest
1 1987-04-12 Brazil Rio de Janeiro Benetton BENETTON B187 FORD V6t 4th r
2 1987-05-03 San Marino Imola Benetton BENETTON B187 FORD V6t 4th( 5th) r *
3 1987-05-17 Belgium Spa-Francorchamps Benetton BENETTON B187 FORD V6t 9th r
4 1987-05-31 Monaco Monte Carlo Benetton BENETTON B187 FORD V6t 12th 8th
5 1987-06-21 United States Detroit Benetton BENETTON B187 FORD V6t 8th r
6 1987-07-05 France Paul Ricard Benetton BENETTON B187 FORD V6t 7th 5th
7 1987-07-12 Great Britain Silverstone Benetton BENETTON B187 FORD V6t 6th 6th
8 1987-07-26 Germany Hockenheim Benetton BENETTON B187 FORD V6t 9th r
9 1987-08-09 Hungary Hungaroring Benetton BENETTON B187 FORD V6t 12th r
10 1987-08-16 Austria Osterreichring Benetton BENETTON B187 FORD V6t 5th 3rd
11 1987-09-06 Italy Monza Benetton BENETTON B187 FORD V6t 7th 7th
12 1987-09-20 Portugal Estoril Benetton BENETTON B187 FORD V6t 10th 4th
13 1987-09-27 Spain Jerez Benetton BENETTON B187 FORD V6t 6th r
14 1987-10-18 Mexico Mexico City Benetton BENETTON B187 FORD V6t 6th 5th
15 1987-11-01 Japan Suzuka Benetton BENETTON B187 FORD V6t 6th r
16 1987-11-15 Australia Adelaide Benetton BENETTON B187 FORD V6t 9th r

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